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Trelawney Fireworks was Mike Bristows young company based in Bodmin,  Cornwall offering fully insured, professionally fired  Firework Displays.   In September 2012 it became part of Sonic Fireworks and Michael is now Sonic Fireworks agent in Cornwall so please do contact us if you would like a display in Cornwall.                                                

Trelawney Fireworks operated in full compliance with all relevant Health and Safety legislation.

Ever been stuck for a gift for the couple who already have everything?  we have the answer, a Fireworks Display !

Whatever and wherever you are celebrating be it an  Engagement,   Wedding,   Anniversary,  Birthday,   Bar Mitzvah,  Corporate event,  maybe Fund raising,  or a Community Activity or if you are just feeling in the party mood,  a  Firework Display by Trelawney Fireworks willcreate wonderful memories for everyone.

Because we know just how very important your special day is, we always take great care to get everything just right.

We design each display to suit your individual venue and budget and can even co-ordinate our display with your own colour theme.   Would you like a display with music? we can do that too.   We can even arrange it so that you (or an honoured guest) can safely start the display yourself.

We accept payment by cheque, cash, PayPal or credit card (through Google checkout).   We also accept variable,  interest free installments via Bank Transfer.   Contact for more information.


Westcountry Wedding Awards

Trelawney Fireworks is a Westcountry Wedding Awards Finalist 2008, 2009 & 2010

Westcountry Wedding Awards


Let your imagination flow,

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contact Trelawney Fireworks by -

Phone:   07583182833      


when you talk to Mike ask him about firing the opening shot * yourself !

Are you fundraising ? why not raffle off the opportunity to  start the display and raise a little extra money for your charity or organization.

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* using safe remote control


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