Kernow Fireworks

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Safety is a prime concern in all our displays and while we will do all within our power (with full risk assessments etc) to ensure that every display we fire is totally safe,  we do ask that parents and guardians ensure that children are not allowed to venture close to the display area and please remember that your pets may not enjoy attending   (yes we have had people who brought their dogs along to Displays).


We can  set the display up so that you (or a guest of honour) can safely fire the first firework.

Other safety related links are :-

DTI Firework Site
CBI Firework Site
HSE Firework Site


The EIG  (Explosives Industry Group) website is an essential source of information for any Health and Safety professional with an interest in explosives as well as being an up to date reference work for explosives professionals. It comprises sections on general explosives and on fireworks and has received great support from Trading Standards Officers, the Fire Brigade and the Health and Safety Executive.


The site covers the following areas

The Law relating to manufacture, storage, transport and use of explosives - including the full text of recent legislation

The UN scheme for classifying explosives and explosive packaging

Video of explosive effects

Firework types and effects, including illustrations of what may and may not be sold to the general public

Contact details for explosive companies and enforcers

An Explosives glossary